Roof, Security, and The Big Move

Sept. 10, 2019


Our first round of priority building improvements is complete. This included A/C (see this post for details), roof repair and recoating, and an upgraded security system that will monitor all doors and keep records of access. The main purpose of these improvements was to prepare the building for storage of our 20,000+ specimen mineral and mining artifact collection, and now that they are complete, we are beginning the move!


Roofers applying the new rubber coating to the roof.

Like any large-scale move, there are multiple steps involved. One of the initial steps is to clear out storage and staging areas to make space at the museum. This week, a small but mighty group of Monday Crew volunteers knocked out that step in just one day! See before and after photos below.

BEFORE: the museum classroom full of file cabinets, furniture, and assorted office items.
AFTER: Victorious Monday Crew volunteers standing in the now-empty classroom, ready for staging!

The next step is to hire a professional moving company to relocate all items from the Arizona Historical Society to the AMMNRE Museum building. Once everything is moved, the curator and trained volunteers will sort specimens into the correct cabinets and storage areas in the basement. We expect to complete the move later this month, and begin inventorying in early October.

Volunteer opportunities related to this move will be announced via the Monday Crew email list. If you do not receive Monday Crew updates and would like to help out, please ask Catie ( to be added. Click here for more info about volunteering. Thank you Monday Crew!