AMMNRE Collection Move Complete

Oct. 4, 2019


We have good news, AMMNRE friends! After weeks of preparation, packing, facilities improvements and logistics, we have completed the move of the AMMNRE mineral collection from the Arizona Historical Society's AZ Heritage Center in Tempe back to the museum building at 1502 W. Washington St. This is a big step forward that we hope demonstrates the University of Arizona's dedication to this museum and its future. Enjoy photos from the move below.


The first step for any move is preparing the collection for transport. This includes packing, labeling and organizing. Most smaller minerals were packed into mineral flats. Especially delicate specimens were transported ahead of time by the curator and volunteers.
Volunteer crew at the AZ Heritage Center preparing for the move! L to R: Charlie C., Bill Y., Doug D. and Shirley C.
UA contracted with a specialized moving company to transport the rest of the collection over a three day period.
We needed a little help to transport larger specimens like this volcanic bomb from the San Francisco Field in Flagstaff, AZ. The movers handled everything with the utmost care!
There were some very early mornings and lots of heavy lifting.
But eventually, we cleared the shelves and got everything out of the Historical Society.
Here's one of our former storage rooms - now empty. Satisfying!
Back at our museum, one of the first steps was to reassemble shelving for storing mineral flats. We decided to set up secure staging areas in the gallery and classroom.
The look of accomplishment when you empty another truck full of material!
This was the final product after loading the non-accessioned material onto the gallery floor. It is now ready for sorting, inventorying and eventually finding a permanent storage space in the museum. Lots of work ahead of us, but one step down for now!

We did it! Want to hear more? Join us at our event later this month