A Long-Awaited Workday

Jan. 5, 2021


A few days before the holidays, we assembled a small group of Monday Crew volunteers and millmen to work on the outdoor mining equipment. This was our first volunteer workday since March, and since COVID-19 is still a concern, we kept the group small and followed strict masking and social distancing guidelines. We started the morning with a safety briefing followed by an informal recognition of millman Bill Y., who independently completed several hundred hours of volunteer work with the mineral collection over the spring and summer.

Throughout the rest of the morning, the group, led by Charlie Connell, completed the following tasks: mucker maintenance and checkout, stamp mill inspection and cleanup, air system checkout, incline system checkout, belt system checkout, and cleanup of the outdoor grounds. Inside, we organized faceted minerals and moved more material into the downstairs pit.  

Thank you to our millmen for helping with these projects. It was great to get a few volunteers back together and we look forward to the day when we can reunite the whole crew as well as hold public events once again. Check out photos from the day below.


Chuck, Bill L. and Roger after the safety briefing.
Doug and Bill Y. working on the Red Rover Mine mucker.
Bill Y. and Charlie inspecting the drive belt of the stamp mill.
Dave working on the stamp mill.
Charlie cleaning up the grounds around the stamp mill.
Chuck and Roger supervising the incline.
Dave and Diane helping clean up the grounds.
Stuart and Roger moving some metal sheets out of the pit.
Shirley organizing the faceted mineral specimens.